• 05/09/2010
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is this a gay thing?
That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.
- John Green, A Fault in Out Stars (via psych-facts)
love your blog!

thank youuuu *-*

nunca mais te vi aqui no tumblr :(( como você taaa ? -B

meio que perdi a vontade de usar o tumblr :| kk mas to bem hehe e vc??

miss u :( a lot!! remember me ? hahaha -B

lóooooooogico que lembro!! quanto tempo ow ://



Okay, so here’s the clue I planted in episode 112.  Hanna is talking about Noel, but she’s wrong.  The person she should be paying attention to is Mona, right there in front of her.  This person found the clue — so kudos to “acquiescently”!


Hanna: Anyone can surprise you. (camera pans to Noel AND Mona)
Hanna: Everyone’s got a life that no one else knows about. (camera pans again to Noel AND Mona)

Hahahahahhahahaha, thank you Norman! This is so amazing.

Ola *-*

Oie :D

1x20 v 2x21

Perfect scene.

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